The Fokker 50 Panel Project

The Fokker 50 Panel Project is far from finished. I have a very long list of ideas and features I want to incorporate into the panel. This section will be updated now and then with pictures and reports on the ongoing work.


The Fokker 50 Panel Project now has its own forum! The forum will be used to ask and answer questions about the F50 panel and also for general Fokker 50 discussion. The forum is provided by Georg Liigand and

Fokker 50 Panel Project forum


New server!

The Fokker 50 Panel Project finally moved on to a better server! The new server is provided by Georg Liigand and ABC5 Networks.

I have also acquired a new and easier to remember web address:

Please also note that my email address for the project is now:


One more possible crash fix

Locate the panel.cfg file in the FS9\Aircraft\Fokker 50 Panel Project\Panel folder. Now, edit these two lines:


...and make them look like this:


This change simply replaces the EADI and EHIS in the Fokker 50 panel with the PFD and MFD of the default B777 panel in FS2004.


Still having problems?

It seems some simmers are still having problems with the Fokker 50 panel. Here is a little trick you can try in order to possibly fix the crashing problem:

Locate your FS9.cfg file. It's not in the main FS folder, so do a search for it.

Locate this section in the FS9.cfg file:

[DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA Drivers on Win2K/XP]

This section may look slightly different depending on your graphics card and settings.

Now, make the following change:

PanelAsTexture=0 --> PanelAsTexture=1

I can't verify myself that this will work, but I have had several positive reports. Thanks to Anders Persson for this tip.

Still no joy? Try deleting the three night lighting gauges from the panel.cfg file:

Simply delete these lines from the panel.cfg file.

If you find any of these suggestions helpful, then please report back to me.


Update v3.4 ready

I believe I have successfully taken care of the crashing problem experienced with the previous release of the Fokker 50 panel. The panel works just fine on my system now. However, with all the different hardware configurations out there I can't be 100% certain the panel will work on every system. I would really apprechiate it if you could report back to me if this update is successful on your system, or if you are still experiencing crashes.

The Night lighting issues has not been resolved. Eventually, if you play around with the night lighting to much, it will crash FS. I still haven't figured this one out. This problem is related to the pedestal dome light and the main panel flood lights.

Other fixes in this release:
- Heading/course 10 degree increments finally fixed. No need to use FSUIPC for a quick fix.
- Option added to disable all sound in the panel. Note that this does not disable all sound, just panel sounds.
- EADI IAS/VS click area adjusted.
- IAS hold function optimized.
- Electronic Engine Control system optimized.
- Panel saves and loads external lights knobs positions.

Go to the download section to download the update. Please not that I have also released a cumulative update for the panel which updates the release version v3.0 to v3.4.


Work in progress...

As most of you guys have probably already experienced, the Fokker 50 panel crashes FS without any error message being displayed at all. I am not 100% sure what the cause of this problem is. But I have a hunch it could be related to the heading/course issue (10 degree increments). I know how to fix the hdg/crs issue now, and this should eliminate the need to have FSUIPC installed to correct this problem. And if I'm really lucky, this should take care of the crashing problem too. I'm working on it.

It seems the Electronic Engine Control system was also corrupted by FS9. I have already fixed this. A new update will be released when I have fixed the above mentioned problem.

I have added three credits to the credits section that were long overdue. I would like to thank Pieter Scheidema and Stork Fokker Services B.V. for providing me with the full Bendix King KNS 660 Pilot's Guide and Maintenance Manual for the AlliedSignal CAS-81 Collition Avoidance System. Also thanks to Frank van der Werff for providing me with the full Bendix King KNS 660 Pilot's Guide. And at last thanks to David (unfortunately I don't remember your full name, please contact me!) for providing me with the AlliedSignal CAS-67A Pilot's Guide.

I have not started work on the TCAS gauge yet, but the NMS is 50% done.

My new e-mail address is:


Fixing my last fix...

It seems I accidentally broke most of the FO callouts while making the panel compatible with FS2004. This is now fixed and you can download the update (v3.3, 260Kb) in the download section. Sorry for the inconvenince.


Update for FS2004

Finally, I have a patch ready for download which makes the panel compatible with FS2004. I know quite a few of you have been waiting patiently for it. The EADI and EHSI are now back and I have also fixed the ADF extended frequency (xxx.5) bug. Other than that, nothing is new in this update (v3.2). You can find the update in the download section. Please note that you need to have v3.1 of the panel installed before upgrading to v3.2.

I am still working on the NMS. I can't say when it will be done, but progress is steady.

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