The Fokker 50 Panel Project
Espen at NAIA

Hi all!

This is a collection of pictures from my flight training at North American Institute of Aviation.

Espen at NAIA page 1.
Espen at NAIA page 2.
Espen at NAIA page 3.

Me and the C172 RG.
Me and the Piper PA-44-180 Seminole. Flying this baby was a lot of fun!
Piper PA-44-180 Seminole cockpit. Full of buttons, knobs and handles to play with!
Single-engine operations; "Full feather shut-down" is what this is called. One of the engines is shut down in-flight and the prop is fully feathered (for minimum drag). Quite exciting!
It can help you a lot in your training if you practice procedures in the aircraft on the ground (...and it's a lot cheaper).
This picture was taken by my room-mate who sat in the backseat during my multi-engine checkride. The FAA examiner set BOTH fuel shut-off valves to the OFF position without me knowing it! I guarantee you my heartbeat went up a few notches when both engines suddenly "out of the blue" started to run rough! Mixture, prop, throttle, fuel pumps, fuel shut-off valves, check!
Proud pilot, on his way home to Norway - with gold wings!
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