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Espen at NAIA

Hi all!

This is a collection of pictures from my flight training at North American Institute of Aviation.

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Pilot & aircraft: me and a Cessna 152.
Cessna 152. All basic flight training at NAIA is done on the C152. I took this picture right after I had finished my first solo cross country flight.
Lineup of 152s on the ramp.
The C152 cockpit. It's small and ...not much else.
Conway Horry County Airport from the air. I'm on crosswind, about to turn downwind, for runway 4 here.
When you solo here at NAIA you get ditched! It's a tradition where, as soon as you have shut down your aircraft your classmates pull you out of the aircraft, carry you over to the front of the flight office building and pull you through a cold, wet and muddy ditch. But after the ditching; I was definately a happy camper!
You can meet lots of cool people here at NAIA. Here is me and my crazy room-mate (Knut-Erik Risan, on the left) practicing emergency procedures:
1.Carburetor heat....on
2.Pitch for best glide speed...60kts
3.Look for a good landing field
This is Aynor (small town). It's located in the middle of our practice area. We fly over it almost every day.
For our cross country flights we fly off to interesting places like Laurinburg-Maxton. They have several scrapped old 747s sitting on the ramp.
A "popular" destination for the first few cross country flights is Florence. So far, all my cross country flights have swung by Florence and we usually refuel in Florence.
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