The Fokker 50 Panel Project

Q1: Where is the autothrottle arm button?
A1: the Fokker 50 does not have autothrotttle.

Q2: Where is the spoiler engage handles?
A2: The Fokker 50 does not have spoilers.

Q3: Where is the autobrake switch?
A3: The Fokker 50 does not have autobrakes.

Q4: Where can I set the speed for IAS hold and VS?
A4: You can set the speed for IAS hold and Vertical Speed on the Autopilot Controller. The AP Controller can be found on the lower left hand side of the pedestal. Use the pitch wheel to increase/decrease speed.

Q5: Some of the engine instruments aren't working, why?
A5: You are running the panel on the Standard Edition of MS Flight Simulator 2000. You have to run the panel on the Professional Edition in order to have the panel work 100% as intended. This is because of the turbo-prop model, which is exclusive to the Professional Edition.

Q6: Where are the prop handles and mixture controls?
A6: The Fokker 50 is a turbo-prop aircraft. However, propeller and mixture control is automatically controlled by the Electronic Engine Control system. The EEC system is fully simulated in this panel. Consult the manual and the description of the Engine Rating Panel for a more detailed description of how this works.

Q7: How do I turn on the EADI and EHSI?
A7: First you need electric power on your electric system. Then switch on the Signal Generator for the EADI/EHSI by pushing the SG button on the Avionics panel (on the overhead panel). If this dosn't work, there might be a problem with the vector gauge code and your graphics card. It seems it's essentially owners of Voodoo based graphic cards that have this problem.

Q8: Can I put this panel up for download on my homepage/website?
A8: Yes you can, provided that 1) the original zip file remains intact, 2) credit is given, and that 3) the panel may be downloaded free of charge from your homepage/website.

Q9: The aircraft crashes immediately after I select and aircraft with the Fokker 50 panel. What's wrong?
A9: I don't have good solution to this problem. I have had this problem happen to myself a few times. Some possible ways to fix it are; selecting to move to an airport from the airport selection menu. If this doesn't work, try selecting one of the default Cessnas, stop the engine and then select the F50. Or, you can try to go into slew mode, hit space to level off the aircraft, and then exit slew mode. You can try installing the new air file I have in the download section. And if this doesn't work, you can try reinstalling the aircraft & panel (and/or FS2K & patch).

Q10: What Fokker 50 aircraft model would you recommend for this panel? (FS2000)
A10: Currently I would recommend any one of Rob Bennis' F50's. You can find a modified airfile in the download section to go with Rob's F50 aircraft. I would also recommend you keep an eye out for Project Freeware's F27/F50 project and Christoph Klose's F50 project.

Q11: There is no sound.cfg file for all the wav files. Shouldn't there be one?
A11: No. The sound files are not engine sounds. They are sound files for your virtual First Officer (copilot), Ground Proximity Warning System sounds, push-back sounds and various other sounds. You just put the sound files in the master FS2000 sound catalog, and that's it.

Q12: Why doesn't the aircraft start to climb/descend when I select ASEL mode?
A12: The ASEL mode does not make the aircraft climb or descend. Use VS or IAS mode to make the aircraft climb or descend. Selecting ASEL mode tells the AP to level off when reaching the selected altitude.

Q13: The engines just stopped by themselves. Why?
A13: If you don't have the fuel booster pumps on (Fuel Control Panel on the overhead panel), fuel supply to the engines becomes unreliable. This can cause your engines to stop. The booster pumps should all be on under normal operations.

Q14: Why can't I operate the flaps and gear?
A14: You need hydraulic pressure in order to operate the flaps and gear. Check the Hydraulic Control Panel on the overhead panel.

Q15: Why can't I retract the gear when I do have hydraulic pressure?
A15: Check that your alternate gear down handle (on the rear right hand side of the pedestal) is not in the up position. Pulling this handle up opens the valves to the hydraulic gear down mechanism, and locks the gear in the down position.

Q16: The panel stutters badly. What's wrong?
A16: Most probably, it's your graphics card that isn't getting along with the vector gauge code (EADI/EHSI). The vector gauge code is also quite FPU (Floating Point Unit) intensive. Slower computers might have a problem calculating the numbers fast enough. I am working on this. This could also be a problem with your sound card. Check that you have the latest drivers for both your graphics card and your sound card.

Q17: I can't control the aircraft at all. It doesn't respond to joystick control input at all/in the pitch axis. What's wrong?
A17: Check that the Flight Controls Lock handle (on the rear left hand side of the pedestal) is not in the up position. It should be in the down position to unlock the flight controls.

Q18: Where is the takeoff speed table?
A18: The takeoff speed table was left out of the manual by a mistake. Please go to the download section where you will find an Excel document with all the speed and performance charts for the Fokker 50.

Q19: I can't startup the engines. I'm doing everything by the book. What's wrong?
A19: You are running the panel on the Standard Edition of MS Flight Simulator 2000. The startup procedure will not work on the standard edition. See A5.

Q20: Why can't I hear the First Officer reading the checklists or making any callouts?
A20: You probably installed the sound files in the wrong folder. All the sound files in the file should be put in the sound folder in the master FS2000 folder. (you should NOT put the sound files in the sound folder under the folder where you have the F50 aircraft you are using)

Q21: How do I install this panel?
A21: The installation is described in the PDF format manual.
Release 1 & 2: Extract the following zip files: -> panel folder under the F50 aircraft folder. -> gauges folder under the master FS2000 folder. -> sound folder under the master FS2000 folder.
Release 3:
Simply double click the exe file, and make sure the main FS2002 directory is give for the installation.

Q22: I only have 3 gauges for the F50. Where are all the rest of the gauges?
A22: This is correct. The F50 panel (v2.1b) has only got three gauge files. The "Fokker50.gau" gauge file is a clustered gauge file, which contain all the gauges that are specified in the "panel.cfg" file. Note that v3.0 only has one gau file.

Q23: When I turn on the night lighting some of the gauges aren't displayed correctly or at all. How can I fix this?
A23: Press "Shift-L" once to refresh all the night lighting bitmaps.

Q24: I just installed the v2.1 update and the panel just crashes FS2K! What can I do?
A24: You need to install the fix update (v2.1b).

Q25: The old Fokker50.gau file was only about 6MB in size and the new one is 21MB. Is there something wrong with my gauge file?
A25: No, your gauge file is fine. The reason the new gauge file is so large is because of all the new night lighting bitmaps. The new bitmaps are 32bit bitmaps, which take up a lot of space. For example, the 6 bitmaps that make up the flight deck flood light totals 11MB alone.

Q26: How do I turn on the new flightdeck flood lights?
A26: Click the "F-DK FLOOD" switch on the pedestal to turn on the flightdeck flood lights.

Q27: Does the Fokker 50 panel (FS2000 version) work with FS2002?
A27: I have tested the panel with FS2002 and there are several small bugs running v2.0 with FS2002. The panel is flyable though.

Q28: How do I start the engines?
A28: Flip the battery switch on. Press the four fuel pump buttons on. Press the master start button on. Press the ignition buttons on. Turn the rotary starter switch to the engine you wish to start. The engine will now spool up. Set the fuel control handle on the pedestal to START. When you have a stable running engine set the fuel control handle to ON. You will also find a detailed description of the engine start procedure in the appendix to the manual.

Q29: How do I open/close the doors?
A29: Use the spoiler key to open/close the doors.

Q30: The standby frequency on the NAV radio is something like "155.54" or "1332.1", what can I do to fix this?
A30: Simply click and increase the frequency until you have "normal" numbers again. This is a bug that occurs now and then. I have not managed to figure out exactly what is causing this bug.

Q31: I am clicking the ident switch but nothing happens. What is wrong?
A31: You have tuned a frequency for a station that does not exist or is out of range. If you tune a station, which is in range, click on the ident button, you will notice that the ident button will switch off automatically if you tune a frequency which does not belong to any station near you. This is due to the way FS2002 is coded.

Q32: The vertical speed readout on the EADI is only showing positive numbers. What can I do?
A32: Edit the Fokker50.ini file in your gauges folder. Change "pfd_font_size=0" to "pfd_font_size=1".

Q33:Why can I only increment the course/ap bug in steps of 10?
A33: This is actually a bug in FS2002. To fix the problem I recommend you install FSUIPC by Pete Dowson. Please note that you need to manually enable this option in the FSUIPC module menu. It is called "fix acceleration key". You can read more about this bug in the FSUIPC documentation. Download FSUIPC at

Q34: The Engine Electronic Control (EEC) system and the Engine Rating Panel (ERP) do not seem to work. The torque bug reacts to the different ERP modes, but the power is not set according to the bug. What is wrong?
A34: For the EEC system to work, the throttles need to be in the full forward position. Some old joysticks may not output the full forward position accurately enough (dirt on the potentiometer, loose mechanism, etc). To fix this, you can install FSUIPC by Pete Dowson. Go to Modules -> FSUIPC -> Joysticks and set the extreme limits for your throttle. Download FSUIPC at Or ...simply clean out your joystick.

Q35:Why do I get the KingAir ADI and HSI in the virtual cockpit?
A35: I could not get the vector gauges to work in the virtual cockpit.

Q36:Why does the GPWS system not run through the whole test sequence when I press the GPWS test mode button in the air?
A36: You need to hold down the test button when doing the GPWS test in the air.

Q37:The EHSI and RMI display different headings (v3.0). Is is supposed to be like that?
A37: No, this is a bug. Download the update to v3.1 in the download section.

Q38:Where can I find the manual for the panel?
A38: The manual is located in this folder: FS2002\Aircrat\Fokker50 Panel Project\Manual.

Q39: Which aircraft do you recommend? (FS2004)
A39: Currently, I recommend the aircraft by Dreamwings Design.

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